In the foreground in Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Defence

ENIGMA GROUP, a leading company in Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Defence. Expert, reliable and independent guidance for industry, government departments, critical infrastructure and SMEs. All our guidance is advisory in nature and based on our unique knowledge of cyber threats. We offer innovative services aimed at raising the defense levels of Companies and Institutions for the protection against cyber threats, computer espionage, cybercrime, exploitation of ICT technologies for sabotage purposes. We use the latest simulation and evaluation techniques to provide security validation with zero false positives. Our know-how derives in part also from research activities and laboratory studies, carried out by our Security Researchers, Cyber Mitigations Engineers, System Vulnerability Analysts. The constant research and development activities and the application of innovative methods and technologies allow us to provide unique solutions to our clients. ENIGMA GROUP's mission is to prevent and eradicate cyber threats.


Cyber Threat Intelligence

ENIGMA GROUP proactively monitors networks, internal systems and the global threat landscape, including valuable data from the Deep and Dark Web, to identify patterns, behaviors and threats before they materialize.
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Cyber Defence

Cyber Defence is a cyber network defense mechanism that includes action response and critical infrastructure protection and information assurance for organizations, government agencies and other possible networks.
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Computerized Espionage

Companies today are increasingly exposed to computerized espionage, which aims to acquire information through illicit means and techniques from which to gain economic advantage.
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Ethical Hacking

With our Penetration Test, it's not a question of whether we can steal your data, it's a question of how long it takes and how quickly your business systems and people will take to discover us.
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Software Development Security

Our Team is also composed of senior developers with years of experience in secure software development and specialized in Software Dependability and Cybersecurity.
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Cybersecurity Awareness

ENIGMA GROUP has activated an online Cybersecurity Awareness course that uses the latest learning techniques and is aimed at all levels of the organizational structure.
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