Protect the confidentiality of information.

The Company today is more and more exposed to the computerized espionage, which has the objective to acquire information with illicit means and techniques from which to obtain an economic advantage.

In a business context, knowing the intentions of competitors is a significant advantage in implementing the best strategy for defense or attack.

A corporate network breach is inevitable, and cybersecurity technologies are unable to provide effective protection in the face of increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Information theft is usually used to:

> obtain secrets related to research;

> discover marketing projects;

> identify key people to use to obtain information;

> determine the quality and weaknesses of competitors, acquiring information that, once made public, can create economic damage; often with the aim of reducing their value and acquiring possession of them;

> know the activities and intentions of competitors.

Companies must be more careful also towards bad actions that start from inside. Malicious codes, spyware and spam represent a real bogeyman for any organization, but the threats coming from the inside both those committed by mistake or superficiality and those brought by precise will are rapidly rising in position. Theft of information from a disloyal employee or business partner and internal sabotage represent a very significant risk to organizations. These threats will increase in the coming years.

ENIGMA GROUP, with its techniques of contrast to the computerized espionage, can prevent the theft of information and therefore avoid irreparable damages.